What Are Some Pi Day Activities for High School?


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Some Pi Day activities for high school students include discussing the history of pi, measuring various circular objects, writing pi poems and holding a pi digit memorization contest. Other possible activities include going for a 3.14 mile bicycle ride and baking creatively shaped pi pies.

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The history of pi can include stories of its uses in Babylonia, Egypt and China as well as famous events using pi, such as a team of mathematicians from the University of Tokyo building a supercomputer to calculate the most digits of pi in a 2002 competition.

Students can be asked to bring in circular objects and asked to measure the circumference and diameter. These numbers can be collectively plotted on a graph and their slopes compared to pi. An example of a pi poem would be a pi-ku, which replaces the normal format of a haiku with three lines consisting of five syllables, seven syllables and five syllables with a sequences of three syllables, one syllable and four syllables.

A prize can be awarded to the winner of a pi digit memorization contest. The person who recites the most digits of pi can win a calculator or free pass from homework. If a 3.14 mile bicycle ride is too much, this physical activity can be modified to be a 3.14 meter or lap foot race.

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