How Do You Phrase an Invitation to Brunch?


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A brunch invitation should contain some form of introduction along with date, time and location information. For example, "We would be delighted if you could join us for brunch on Saturday, July 23 at Olive's Cafe, 23 Market Street, Fargo, North Dakota."

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The invitation may mention a previous event, such as a wedding. An example: "Join us for brunch honoring David and Jean," followed by the date and location.

A formal invitation may begin with a phrase such as, "You are cordially invited to brunch," or, "Mr. and Mrs. John Daley request the pleasure of your company." A formal invitation includes each piece of information on a separate line with no commas or periods at the ends of sentences. The date on a formal invitation should be spelled out in full.

For a lighthearted, memorable invitation, try phrasing the introduction as a poem or limerick; for example, "Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ We couldn't imagine/ Our brunch without you."

If the invitation is to a brunch followed by another activity, such as an Easter egg hunt, remind the recipients of anything they should bring. For example, "Don't forget to bring an Easter egg basket."

Sign the invitation with your name, and request an RSVP if necessary. Remember to include contact details.

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