What Does a Person Wear to a Sock Hop?

person-wear-sock-hop Credit: Jim Vecchione/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Modern sock hops keep the 1950's theme, and most people attending wear semi-formal clothing that represents that era. Men may wear a traditional greaser outfit with a tight white shirt and black leather shirt. Women may wear an iconic poodle skirt or pencil skirt with a blouse. Tapered jeans and capri pants can also be worn, although this is seen as more casual attire.

Swing skirts are one of the most iconic things to wear to a sock hop, and multiple designs are available. Most of the skirts are layered underneath to help give them more form. Girdles may also be worn to help maintain an hourglass figure.

Accessories that are time-era specific or promote classic rock and roll are acceptable. For men, this may include Elvis-inspired sunglasses. Women can choose dainty pink scarves around their neck or in their hair. Some people may carry candy cigarettes with them.

Both men and women may wear white socks with their attire. The name sock hop was coined because students had to take off their hard shoes in order to attend the dance. Modern versions of saddle shoes may not have hard soles and can also be worn when recreating the 1950's look.