What Percentage of American Homes Eat Turkey on Christmas?

percentage-american-homes-eat-turkey-christmas Credit: Blend Images - Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

In 1988, the Los Angeles Times estimated that turkey was consumed in 50 percent of American homes on Christmas. The National Turkey Federation indicates that 22 million turkeys were eaten in the United States on Christmas in 2012.

According to the National Turkey Federation, over 253.5 million turkeys were raised in 2012, of which over 210 million were sold in the United States. Of those turkeys, the National Turkey Federation estimates that 19 million were eaten at Easter and 46 million were eaten at Thanksgiving. About 88 percent of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving, according to a survey conducted by the National Turkey Federation.

Turkeys are more frequently served at Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom. According to British Turkey, 76 percent of U.K. families serve roast turkey at Christmas, amounting to approximately 10 million turkeys.