What Do People Write in a Wedding Guestbook?

In a guest book, guests should write their name as well as a congratulatory or well wishes statement, share special memory or provide marriage advice for the bride and groom. Guest books used to just be simple books for the guests names and addresses. In more modern culture they have become as unique as the couples themselves.

Wedding consulting sites, such as The Knot and Martha Stewart Wedding, give advice to the bride and groom about how to set up guest books to capture special memories, but to also be as easy as possible for the guests. The Knot encourages couples to create notecards with questions for the guests to answer, such as "When did you first meet the bride and groom?" or "When did you know they were in love?" These prompts give the guests something specific to respond to and are more fun for the couples to read later. Moreover, it cuts out guests writing the same cliché comments of "Congratulations!" and "Best Wishes!" If there are no prompts provided, it is still more memorable if guests include a memory or share special advice with the bride and groom. If the bride and groom are Christians, they will enjoy guests sharing their favorite verses from the Bible for the couple to read together later. There are now numerous ways to create a guest book experience, and thanks to the boom of creative sites like Pinterest, couples everywhere are revamping classic wedding traditions.