What Do People Traditionally Wear on New Year's Day?

There is no specific attire called for on New Year's Day in the United States. New Year's Day often involves getting together for a meal with family and friends, but the attire worn can be anything from casual to formal, depending on where the meal is being held and the type. Potluck gatherings will be much more informal than dinner at a five-star restaurant.

There are some superstitions and traditions in countries around the world that mandate specific clothing or accessories during these celebrations. In many South American countries, wearing new clothing on New Year's Day is believed to ensure that those wearing them will receive more new clothing during the upcoming year. In France, the holiday lasts through to Epiphany on January 6, when the person who finds the king or queen doll hidden in the traditional la galette des rois wears a crown made of gold paper. In Italy and Spain, wearing underwear that is red is a long-held tradition for the New Year, while Venezuelans wear yellow underwear.

Those who live in the Phillippines choose to wear colorful clothing, usually in a polka dot pattern, under the belief that round shapes bring money and fortune. During the Chinese New Year, new clothes are worn, usually in the traditional red color.