How Do People in South Africa Celebrate Christmas?

people-south-africa-celebrate-christmas Credit: Richard Waghorn/E+/Getty Images

In South Africa, Christmas is celebrated by enjoying the birth of Christ, spending time with family and spreading goodwill to friends. It is a strongly commercialized holiday in South Africa as it is in many other countries.

Around two-thirds of the population in South Africa is Christian. Of these Christians, the majority are Protestant and believe in the celebration of Christ's birth during what is now the Christmas season. Christmas was originally created for this purpose, although many companies have cashed in on the holiday and focus on giving gifts and extravagance for the holiday. As with many other countries that celebrate this holiday, the larger companies are trying to remove Christ from Christmas by creating products that do not even say Merry Christmas, but instead focus on Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays. The majority of South Africans still participate in religious celebrations during this time, despite the strong commercial pressure to focus Christmas on gift giving and goodwill. Christmas is considered a public holiday in South Africa and many businesses close on this day to help families be able to better celebrate with their loved ones. The majority of people in South Africa who celebrate Christmas traditionally attend church services and religious specials to commemorate the birth of Christ.