Why Do People Celebrate Christmas?


A primary reason people celebrate Christmas is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior in the Christian religion. Some people celebrate Christmas as a traditional family holiday, even though they may not believe strongly in its religious value.

The actual date of Jesus' birth is debated, but December 25th was established by Christians during the fourth century as the date to celebrate his birth. Nations with a Christian heritage honor the Christmas holiday because of the significance of Jesus Christ in the spiritual lives of Christians. Traditional stories of Jesus' birth in a manager are told, and churches hold special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.

Christmas has long been recognized as a national holiday in the United States. While some people work on Christmas, most public offices and many private companies give employees the day off with pay. While the U.S. has become more diverse in its religious beliefs over time, Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter have long been embedded in the culture. About.com notes a growing secular trend as of 2014 of families treating Christmas as a simple gathering as opposed to a religious holiday. Atheists sometimes even embrace family traditions and rituals associated with the holiday.