How Do You Pay for a Wedding?


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To pay for a wedding, start saving money in a special account as soon as you get engaged. Save on wedding costs with the help of family and friends, such as having them help with flower arrangements or food prep. If necessary, obtain a low-interest wedding loan.

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As soon as talk of a wedding begins, start saving for the big day. Paying cash up front saves money in interest payments and does not add the stress of debt to the beginning of a new marriage.

You can also save a lot of money by doing things yourself ahead of time. If you have a friend gifted in floral arrangements, buy flowers wholesale and ask them do creative arrangements for you. Rather than calling a caterer, ask friends to help prep finger foods for the wedding reception a few days before the wedding. Ask recently married friends to borrow elements from their wedding, like cake servers, table decorations or candelabras to make more room in the budget.

When funds are limited, but the bride and groom dream of a big wedding, consider crowdfunding as an option to help cover costs. Wedding loans are also available from reputable lenders that offer specialized loans at a low interest rate.

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