What Are Some Party Tray Ideas?

What Are Some Party Tray Ideas?

Some ideas for party trays are an antipasto platter with roasted tomatoes, a cheese platter with dried fruit compote and a smoked trout platter with dill sauce and pickled onions. Other ideas are to make a ham platter with Cajun mayo and pepper jelly or a miniature sandwich and wrap platter.

An antipasto party platter is essentially a fancier meat and olive platter. It includes extras such as oregano-spiced roasted tomatoes and a creamy ricotta cheese dip. An idea for arranging the platter is to use a circular serving tray and place the dip in the middle with the other food items layered around it in a flower-like pattern.

Serving different types of cheeses with a variety of dried fruit is a good idea for a party platter that's a bit on the sweet side. Add gingersnaps and other crackers for some crunch.

For the smoked salmon party tray, marinating the onions in salt and vinegar is a quick pickling idea. An easy dill sauce can be made by mixing chopped dill with plain yogurt.

A Cajun mayo can be made by mixing Cajun seasoning with mayo. It can also be served with pickled vegetables such as carrots and green beans.