What Are Some Party Games for a Women's Group?

The options for women's party games are practically endless, but many women like to play games that are a little naughty. These may include gossip, dares, brutal honesty or sharing intimate secrets.

Truth or dare is a tried and true girl-party game, although after a certain age it starts to become less fun. You can spice it up by making it a bit more PG-13+ rated though, to take the juvenile feel away from the game. Some ideas would include having to give intimate details about bedroom activities or daring someone to do something such as kiss one of the other girls or flash outside a window.

Formulating a scavenger hunt of sorts, but using common items found inside a purse, would be an idea for another game.

Then, of course, there is always a drinking game. Watch a TV show that all the girls love, and create a list of things that may occur in it, and each time that thing happens, the girls have to do a shot. You could vary this idea by having each woman make up her own list, so that not everybody has to take a shot each time. If every woman selects the same action, then they could get a prize.

The games played at a party are going to vary greatly by what type of women are in the group. Obviously, a church group is going to play much different games.