Who Participates in the Trinidad Carnival?


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In addition to the tourists and native revelers, the Trinidad Carnival is attended by local musicians, merchants and steel pan bands. This event may also be attended by administrative staff such as the National Carnival Commission and the Trinidad Unified Calypsonians Organisation, helping to direct the music and other festivities.

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The Trinidad Carnival is an event held in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago that is attended by thousands of different partygoers, musicians and public officials. The events involve numerous musical competitions and exhibitions, as well as the Kings and Queens costume competition. The latter involves the judgement of massive 50- to 200-pound costumes that become so extravagant that they involve lasers, sound effects, fog and fireworks.

Having roots in the early residents of Trinidad, the French and their slaves at the time, the festivities are themed toward the culture they brought to the islands as well as the flavors brought in from immigrants over the subsequent 200 years since the islands were colonized. Everything from the calypso music to the steel pan bands has become a massive event that many residents and tourists eagerly participate in.

Before the Carnival even starts, there is an event called Dimanche Gras, which involves calypso, mas, steelpan and soca music. Calypso singers compete during this event in a battle of song. This event is traditionally held at Port of Spain.

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