What Are Some Palm Sunday Activities for Children?


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Some children's activities suitable for Palm Sunday include creating their own paper plate palm branches, brainstorming ideas for praising God, memorizing Matthew 21:5 and writing it on a palm branch before reenacting it, according to Ministry-To-Children. Organizers of Palm Sunday activities should prepare templates of palm branches for children to trace onto paper plates, paint green and cut out.

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The other Palm Sunday activities are intended to help children remember the meaning of the Christian holiday. After reading Matthew 21:1-11 to the group, the Bible story can be summarized as Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem and being praised and worshiped as the king of kings. Children can then be asked to suggest a variety of ways in which they can also worship Jesus. Their ideas can be written onto a whiteboard.

Memorizing Bible verses becomes easier when they are broken down and associated with physical actions. Therefore, it is a good idea to encourage children to mime the components of Matthew 21:5: "Your king comes to you. He is gentle and riding on a donkey." For example, "He is gentle" can be acted out with a smile, and the number of the verse can be acted out by holding up fingers.

Once memorized, the verse can be written onto the previously created paper plate palm branch and spoken aloud in pairs.

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