How Do You Paint a Witch Face?


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To paint a witch face, add a layer of green face paint over any exposed part of the face, including your lips. Use a fine makeup brush to add green paint to the smaller areas of the face, such as around the eyes, inside the ears, at the hairline and around the nose. Use a yellow face paint or powder and a makeup sponge to create highlights at the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the hairline and the chin.

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Add dark purple or gray makeup powder, such as eye shadow, under the eyebrows, under the cheekbones and on either side of the nose using a clean foundation brush. Apply a thin or light layer of the same color at the temples. This makes the face look bony and thin, like most witch designs. Take a clean makeup sponge, and blend everything to make a smooth transition between the highlight and darker color.

Use an angled makeup brush to add a layer of black makeup on the upper and lower eyelids. Create menacing triangular eyebrows using the same brush and color. Add false eyelashes and black mascara to finish the eye area. Complete the face makeup by adding an additional green lipstick to the lips and outlining the lips with black liner. Blend the two colors using a lipstick brush.

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