How Do You Paint Glass Christmas Balls?


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Hanging decorative, custom-made glass ornaments is a unique way to adorn a Christmas tree, and the process of painting them is not as difficult as one may think. Begin with a plain glass ornament, unadorned, and choose whether you would like to creatively embellish it with intricate paint designs, ribbons, decorative paper, or something else entirely. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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For an antique appearance, borrow an idea from Martha Stewart. Dilute a teaspoon each of black and white gouache paint with water until it reaches a thinner consistency, and then dab it onto the plain glass ornament with a sponge. While waiting for the paint to dry, gently dab the ball with the paintbrush a few more times; this creates a marbled appearance. The mottled mixture of black and white will dry resembling antique mercury glass, giving it an old, rustic look that will suit any old-fashioned Christmas display.

For a simple, classic snowflake design, paint the ornament with any color gouache paint which is desired, and then use a hot glue gun to apply a glittering snowflake decal to the front of it. This style of ornament can also be adorned with a sparkly ribbon at the top. Plastic snowflakes can be found at most major craft stores. Consider painting snowflake designs directly onto the ball; once the paint gets tacky, sprinkle it with a mixture of white and silver glitter, brush away any excess and let the paint dry fully.

For stylish, intricate designs, paint ornaments, wait for the paint to dry and then attach white snowflake stickers. The appearance is especially striking against a backdrop of reds, greens, and blues, which are traditional Christmas colors.

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