Where Do You Find an Outline for a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service?

GatheringLight.com and UMCDiscipleship.org offer Christmas Eve candlelight service outlines. GatheringLight.com features two service options and links to the resources used in the readings. UMCDiscipleship.org details an example of candlelight service scripture, carols and communion practices used by the United Methodist Church.

GatheringLight.com is a ministry of C. Wess Daniels, the William R. Rogers director of Quaker Studies at Guilford College. The site's Christmas Eve candlelight service outlines give step-by-step prayer and speaking instructions for service participants. Daniels estimates that both services are 45-60 minutes in length. UMCDiscipleship.org features a worship planning page that guides a variety of Christian gatherings. In its outline for a Christmas Eve candlelight service, the website details candle colors and placement, songs performed and reading instructions.