What Are Some Outdoor Party Games for Kids?

What Are Some Outdoor Party Games for Kids?

Ideas for outdoor party games for kids include Big Wheels obstacle courses, tag, games involving water and balloon-popping games. Any games that get kids moving work well at outdoor parties.

Have children bring their Big Wheels, and set up an obstacle course. Use cones, ropes and various items for children to ride around. See who can make it through the fastest.

Play a tag game related to the birthday party theme. If the party has a camping theme, use flashlights. Kids can play freeze tag if the party has a winter or superhero theme. To play clothespin tag, decorate clothespins to relate to the party theme.

Water balloons and water guns are great activities that get kids moving. Sprinklers and water slides are fun ideas. Balloon popping is a simple and low cost game. Blow up many balloons in advance and see who can pop the most balloons the fastest by sitting on them; some children may be afraid of the noise.

Kids also enjoy games such as kickball, tee ball and silly follow the leader. Have a Frisbee golf game, or use milk jugs to catch balls in.