How Do You Find Out the Local Trick-or-Treat Schedule?

Many municipalities announce their yearly trick-or-treat schedules on online newspapers or on their official websites. Some independent tourist sites for a number of cities and states also post the schedule online.

Some cities, such as the cities of Franklin and Waukesha in Wisconsin, announce the trick-or-treat schedule online through their respective websites. The announcement usually includes the date and the time of the event. The is an online site dedicated to providing Halloween-related events on its website, including the trick-or-treat schedule throughout the state.

The trick-or-treat schedule for some counties, such as the Greene County in Pennsylvania, is publicized on the Greene County Messenger and includes the date and time of the event for various townships and boroughs. The Greene County Messenger also included the schedule for Washington and Fayette County in 2014.

Trick-or-treating is one of the most popular events in the United States. Celebrated and observed for about 100 years in the country, the event includes going house to house to ask for candies and goodies in residential areas. Some counties, such as in the counties in the Greater Cincinnati Ohio, have trick-or-treating events in participating shopping malls and parks. In most areas, trick-or-treaters can only visit the homes or those areas decorated for Halloween.