What Are Some Original Ideas for a Teen Birthday Party?


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Original birthday party ideas for teenagers range from the eccentric, such as supernatural or Alice in Wonderland themes, to themes based on shows, including "Doctor Who," "Hunger Games," and "Project Runway." A kissing party, glow party, and truth or dare scavenger hunt may appeal to teenagers who seek something edgy.

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For a surprise that may lead guests down a rabbit hole like the one from "Alice in Wonderland," decorate with oversized cards, partially painted roses, mismatched dishes and signs that point in every direction. A whimsical game true to the theme is "Nonsensical Nonsense." To play, provide each guest a quote from the book that they must try to slip into casual conversation. After a guest says the quote, others have 30 seconds to call out "nonsense" in order to win.

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