What Are Some Original Half-Birthday Present Ideas?

Original half-birthday present ideas include half-moon black and white cookies, 1/2 ounce perfume and half-round hoop earrings. If the birthday child is a Harry Potter fan, get him a DVD of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." An adult celebrating a half-birthday may enjoy a DVD of "Two and a Half Men."

A good theme for a half-birthday is things that are cut in half or contain the word "half." Black and white half-moon cookies are a great idea for a half-birthday breakfast. The birthday child can also enjoy a pastry that is half brownie, half cookie.

Another original idea is to wrap tiny presents that the recipient opens on the half hour of every hour. For books and movies, get the birthday child a title that has the word "half" in it. Examples are "Oscar's Half-Birthday" by Bob Graham or "Poppo's Half-Birthday Wish" by Annie MacDonald.

Half-fingerless mitten gloves are an original present that keep the recipient warm while making it easy for him to text or operate a touch screen device. In keeping with the theme of the half-birthday party, get half a cake and decorate it with the words "Hap Birt." Organizers can also put six candles to represent the six months that make half a year, and use half a dozen Mylar balloons to decorate the room.