How Do You Organize an Open Day?

Open days are very effective as a means of promotion and allow business owners to meet and greet potential customers. If you want to establish a market presence and build new relationships, consider organizing an open day.

  1. Identify your target audience

    Decide who your audience will be. Make it adult learners, under 5s, families, schools or more than one group.

  2. Comply with appropriate legislation

    Think about child protection if the event involves children. Consider disclosure for volunteers and staff. Plan for safety and health procedures for the event. Consult a reliable resource for basic guidelines on how to write risk assessment and child protection.

  3. Get other staff actively involved

    Have a meeting with volunteers and other staff members to plan the event. Gather ideas and suggestions from these participants.

  4. Organize facilitators

    Use a facilitator to offer a new slant on your open day’s activities. Begin to organize any outside facilitators, such as a storyteller, poet, actor, artist or musician. Use reputable resources when seeking a facilitator. Check freelance databases, and contact others who can recommend appropriate facilitators.

  5. Organize your equipment and supplies

    Make a list of the items you need for your event. Make arrangements for sound equipment, microphones and other materials. Make sure that the area for the event is suitable and that you have adequate water and power supply.

  6. Promote your event

    Seek ways to get free publicity. Send press release to the local newspaper, distribute fliers to homes and businesses, place ads in the local newspaper, and run advertisements on your local radio.