How Do I Order Party Platters?

order-party-platters Credit: Ray Kachatorian/Blend Images/Getty Images

When planning a party or hosting an event, you can order party platters directly from grocery stores and restaurants. These platters consist of large trays of food that can feed dozens of people. As each store and restaurant uses a different method, it is wise to contact each one and ask about how to order a platter.

The grocery store chain Giant Eagle offers a number of party platters for shoppers, including the Chicken Grand Slam Party Pack and the Assorted Calzone Party Tray. According to Giant Eagle, a shopper can create an online account, add a platter to her shopping list and arrange for pickup at a local store.

Walmart offers more than 10 different party platters, and according to the retailer's website, a shopper can download an order form from the site. After filling out that form, the shopper drops it off at a local store. Walmart recommends ordering at least 24 hours in advance.

Chick-fil-A is one of several restaurants that offers party platters. Customers download the catering menu, which shows them the types of platters available, and they locate a nearby restaurant and order their food. Chick-fil-A gives customers the chance to order chick nuggets, chicken salad sandwiches and other platters without leaving their homes.