How Do You Find Free Online Prenup Forms?

Customers can find prenuptial forms that can be customized through Rocket The website makes the creation of the first document free for new customers. Create an account by clicking on the Sign Up link in the upper corner of the website's home page.

Prenuptial agreements are contracts signed by each half of a couple before marriage, notes This contract establishes who gets specific assets in case of a divorce later on. These agreements are fairly easy to find for free. Use the steps below to create a prenuptial agreement using

  1. Find the prenuptial agreement
  2. Go to Click on the Personal tab at the top of the page. Scroll down and click on the Family and Personal link. Look for and click on Prenuptial Agreement under the Family and Personal: Marriage header.

  3. Create the form
  4. Select the state of residence and click on the Make Document button. Fill out a series of questions about the prenup, including who is making it, addresses, whether children are involved and the division of property, assets and money earned in marriage.

  5. Review and sign
  6. Review the preview of the form on the same page. If acceptable, users can sign the form digitally. The form can be saved on the website and also downloaded and printed out for safekeeping.