What Are Some Free Online Event Registration Services?

Online event registration services include Eventbrite, Amiando, DoAttend and EventElephant. While these services charge a nominal fee for paid events, there is no charge to create, promote and host free events. There are no monthly fees or setup costs.

Eventbrite is the most popular event registration platform, and it offers simple site navigation for ease of use. Features include Facebook and Twitter discovery tools, an integration with MailChimp, promotional tools and tickets that can be scanned with a smart phone.

Amiando is a European event software service with secure payment handling in more than 25 countries. Like Eventbrite, Amiando has integration with Facebook and Twitter, as well as a feature called Eventsence, which is a service for event promotion similar to Adsense.

DoAttend features a single page event creator with an easy-to-use editor that updates guests with event dates, venue information and an uploadable event banner. Users can choose a unique URL linked to DoAttend.com. The site also automatically embeds a map for guests to look up directions, and it features integration with social media sites and email calendars.

EventElephant is a service based in the United Kingdom. The service does not have integration with social media outlets, but it does feature event sections that allow hosts to add speaker pages and accommodation recommendations.