What Are Some One-Year-Old Birthday Ideas?

one-year-old-birthday-ideas Credit: Elyse Lewin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Proud parents may celebrate the one-year birthday of their child with a planes, trains and automobiles party, storybook party or favorite cartoon character party. When choosing a theme, keep it simple, and try to pick matching accessories and party supplies.

For a planes, trains and automobiles birthday party, send out invitations that stick to the theme, such as invitations that look like train tickets. Decorations can include colored paper planes hanging from the ceiling. Create a keepsake from your child's first party with a cardboard airplane decorated by children's finger painting. Send the guests home with crayons shaped like planes, trains and cars.

Start a storybook party for your child by sending out invitations that resemble tiny books. On the front of the invitation, print the immortal words "Once Upon a Time" to set the mood. For an activity, a storyteller can read a book to the children. Decorate a cake or cupcakes with storybook characters and items, such as a pumpkin, fairy, book or frog prince. Invite guests to bring their own favorite books as gifts. Give out a couple of storybooks, especially books with the theme on which the party is based, as party favors for departing guests.