How Does One Word Thank You Letters?


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A thank you letter should be directly addressed to the person (or persons) who is being thanked. It is very important to specifically mention the gift or the thoughtful act or expression for which the person is being thanked. The formality of the letter should be based on the relationship with the giver.

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One example of possible wording for a thank you letter is: "Dear Aunt Jane, Thank you so much for the beautiful pair of brown leather gloves you sent me for my birthday. With the cold winter we have had, I have been using them every day. They are wonderful for driving and keep my hands toasty warm. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness." This letter directly addresses the person who sent the gift and specifically mentions the gift and why it is valuable, as well as specific features that the person who received the gift enjoys. In this example, the tone of the letter is conversational because it is written to the person's aunt.

A person might also write a letter to thank an interviewer for a job interview. Generally, these letters should be written in a more formal tone. The content should thank the interviewer for taking the time for the interview and restate interest in the job.

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