What Does One Wear to a Mardi Gras Ball?

one-wear-mardi-gras-ball Credit: Alina Solovyova-Vincent/Vetta/Getty Images

The attire for a Mardi Gras ball varies greatly. It runs the gamut from formal wear to festive clothing featuring the traditional holiday colors: green, gold and purple. Costumes and masks are also popular Mardi Gras attire, according to the website Mardi Gras New Orleans.

"If there is one rule in regard to Mardi Gras dresses, it is there is no rule because Mardi Gras is the perfect time to let go of social norms and have a fantastic time," according to DressEmpire.com, the same rule applies to menswear.

A Mardi Gras ball might have a masquerade theme that requires all guests to dress in disguise. Wearing elaborate masks is a popular tradition associated with the holiday. The mask creates a sense of mystery for the wearer, and encourages him or her to release any inhibitions and embrace fun.

Beads are also another big part of the Mardi Gras tradition. Beads are traded in exchange for good deeds and favors during the celebration. Although they are typically cheap, beads are also used as fashion statements during the holiday, so wearing them to add a festive touch during a Mardi Gras ball is perfectly acceptable. Mardi Gras is a unique holiday in that it allows elaborate and playful fashion statements.