How Does One Shop Using a Target Baby Registry?

one-shop-using-target-baby-registry Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To shop from the Target baby registry, access the register on or in a local store, and select the item or items for purchase. Before purchasing the item, be certain the purchase is noted as one from the registry.

  1. Access the registry

    If at the store, use the registry kiosks. The registry can be printed, e-mailed or sent via text to a mobile phone for convenience. If on, hit the Registries button on the menu. In either location, type in the first two letters of the first and last name to locate the specific registry for the baby.

  2. Select the items to purchase

    The registry shows the requested items, whether they are available online or in the store and their price. Choose an item within your budget and one that you feel benefits the family and the baby. In the store, go to the check-out stand. Online, put the items in the virtual shopping cart.

  3. Pay for the purchase

    When checking out in the store, hand the cashier the printed registry list or the bar code on a mobile phone. When the cashier scans the registry, the gift is marked as purchased from the registry. On the site, purchasing the item automatically removes it from the registry.

  4. Ask for a gift receipt

    Give the gift receipt with the present so the family is able to easily return or exchange the gift if necessary.