How Does One Place an Obituary With Miller Funeral Home?


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Placing an obituary with Miller Funeral Home is done by meeting with a funeral arranger. The arranger goes through a step-by-step process to handle the entire funeral, including preparing the obituary notice.

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In addition to preparing the obituary, the arranger helps with choosing a casket or urn for the deceased and arranging the funeral date. When planning the service, the arranger also assists in details of the funeral such as pallbearers, vehicle scheduling and event planning. Event planning includes customized details for the service such as memorabilia and photos of the deceased to display as well as any particular music choices to be heard. The planner also helps people through legal issues regarding a death such as preparing and filing a death certificate.

Miller Funeral Home can also be contacted if no advance funeral arrangements have been made. It guides customers through common questions and concerns. The business discusses the possible need for embalming and casket purchase and helps with service arrangements. It also helps determining if a minister needs to be used and the type of service most appropriate. While these issues can all be worked out with the funeral home's staff, it recommends arrangements be made in advance so the deceased's last wishes can be carried out accurately, payment can be made in advance, and the bereaved family does not have to go through the process.

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