How Does One Dress Like a Hobo?

Despite having developed a negative image, hobos originated as migrant workers who were willing to travel across the country in order to earn money to care for themselves and their families. As of 2014, hobos are generally homeless people who cannot find work or accommodations. Therefore, in order to dress like a hobo, display an unkempt and messy appearance, and make a bindle to carry.

  1. Choose your clothing

    As most hobos have no place in which to store their belongings, they wear most of what they own on their bodies at any given time. Choose layered shirts, baggy trousers, a hat and shoes scuffed from too much walking. The clothes should be wrinkled or somewhat dirty.

  2. Make a bindle

    Make a bindle by tying a handkerchief to the end of a stick to make a satchel. It is used for carrying belongings, rather like a carry-all or tote bag. Hobos often use these makeshift bags to stash food or other belongings while traveling.

  3. Dirty up your face

    Rub dirt onto your cheeks and forehead liberally. The dust of the road covered hobos wherever they went, and modern hobos are the same. Showers are difficult to find when you are homeless, so it is not uncommon for hobos to be dirty.