What Is an Old Wives Tale for Causes of Cold Feet?


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According to an old wives' tale, pregnant women who experience cold feet are carrying a boy. If a pregnant woman's feet are warmer, or not particularly colder than before she became pregnant, then she is believed to be carrying a girl.

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The origin of this old wives' tale about cold feet as an indication that a pregnant woman is carrying a boy is unknown and has no medical basis. Despite the development of prenatal ultrasounds, old wives' tales that are used to predict the gender of unborn babies are still circulated widely. They are usually not taken seriously and are typically viewed as a source of entertainment.

The old wives' tale that the shape of a pregnant woman's belly indicates the gender of the baby she is carrying is still largely accepted as holding some truth. Many women still believe that boy babies are carried lower and protrude out from the front of a pregnant woman's body and that girl babies are carried higher up and across the mother's body. This old wives' tale comes from English folklore and asserts that boy babies push away from the mother's body because they are more independent, while girl babies stay closer to the mother's body because they are more-dependent and need greater protection.

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