What Official Rules Exist for Party Bridge Scoring?


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Party bridge games like Rubber Bridge are scored per match to 100 points below the line. Scores for making the contract depend on what the trump cards are. When trumps are clubs or diamonds, each trick is 20 points, while the heart and spade suits are 30 points per trick.

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When there is no trump, the first trick is 40 points, and the following tricks are 30 points each. Contracts can be doubled and redoubled for double or quadruple the points for every trump type. If the declarer's side makes a successful double contract, they earn an extra 50 points above the line.

Bonus scoring happens for different reasons, including making a small slam, which is 12 contracted tricks, or a grand slam, which is 13 contracted tricks. These points can be anywhere from 500 to 1500 extra points depending on whether or not the declarer's side is vulnerable. When the declarer's side does not achieve their contracted tricks, the other team earns extra points that are scored according to how many tricks were lost.

The top five trumps, from 10 to Ace, are called honors, and when a player holds all five, that player's side scores a 150 point bonus. The same bonus is given when a player holds four aces. It is up to the players to decide if honors points are to be allowed in any game or match. The winner is the side that wins two out of three matches.

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