What Are Some Nice Things to Write in a Card for Someone Who Had a Baby?

What Are Some Nice Things to Write in a Card for Someone Who Had a Baby?

Some nice things to write in a card for someone who had a baby include words that convey congratulations and/or blessings, wish the parents and the baby for a joyful future and reflect the sender's happiness and excitement on the occasion. Relevant quotes, verses and short poems can also be included.

Writing a customized message is appropriate on a new baby card, as this best reflects the sender's personal connection with the parents. When writing the message, determine if it is to be directed to the new baby, the parents or the entire family, and pen it accordingly.

The customized message can include words such as "Congratulations!", "Happy for you two," "Welcome to the world" and "Best wishes for a bright future with the little angel." If the baby is born under trying circumstances, the message can include a few words and wishes on the mother's health and the baby's safe arrival. In case of an adopted baby, wishing the parents well as they embark on a new chapter in their lives is appropriate.

The message can also convey how the sender would enjoy helping the parents take up the new responsibility and be a part of the little one's growing days.

The closing statement in the message can be the common "With love" or "Lots of love," one conveying blessings such as "God bless" or one that is more relevant to the occasion, such as "Snuggles and cuddles," "Here's to diaper changes" and "Rock-a-bye baby."