What Are Nice Birthday Messages for Any Age?

Birthday messages appropriate for all ages include, "Wish big for your birthday," "May your birthday and the coming year bring you many happy surprises," and "Have your cake and eat it too." A card may wish the bearer a generic "Happy birthday" on the front with a very simple message, such as "to you" on the inside or feature the former phrase in the card's interior with no text and an appropriate piece of artwork.

Generic birthday cards may include wishes for a happy year, creating a birthday experience to remember and sentiments for many more pleasant birthdays. To work well for multiple ages, a birthday card should not contain vulgarity or adult humor. The message can feature a quote or Biblical passage when appropriate for the recipient. To personalize a blank birthday card, include greetings that refer to fond memories since the previous birthday and how they made a lasting impact.

Birthday cards with generic art, such as a birthday cake or simple celebratory text, coupled with blank interior space to write a message, also work well for any age. Artwork for all-age appropriate birthday cards can include animals, flowers, pastoral scenes and birthday party decorations like balloons and streamers.