What Some Newborn Baby Greetings?


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Newborn baby greetings include "Congratulations on your new baby," "Blessings on your newest addition" or "I'm so happy for you." The writer can also mention how much joy the baby is going to bring to the parents' lives, or how lucky the baby is to have such great parents.

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The writer doesn't need to write a long message, especially if the card he chose already has a message that includes what he wants to say. Although newborn baby greetings are typically written to the parents, he can also write the card to the entire family or to the baby. The writer can compliment the parents by mentioning qualities of theirs that he hopes the baby inherits, such as the mother's kindness or the father's sense of humor.

He can personalize the card by mentioning the baby's gender. Message options include "Cheers to your new baby boy" or "I'm excited for you and your new baby girl." He can refer to the colors blue or pink in his message, since those colors are typically associated with boys and girls. Options include referring to the boy as "little boy blue" or saying "I'm tickled pink for your new baby girl." He could also refer to the baby as a little prince or princess.

Some greetings interject humor, while others such as "newborn joy to hold in your arms" or "a wonderful time for your family" help reflect the special meaning of this new life. In addition, it can be an appropriate newborn greeting to mention gratitude for health as in "Glad your new baby is happy and healthy" or "Wishing you all the best" to express future hope for the growing family.

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