What Do You Need for a Baby Shower?


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No baby shower would be complete without a guest of honor, namely the new or soon-to-be parent or parents. Optional items include food and drinks, decorations, party favors, games and gifts.

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Items needed for a baby shower will depend upon several factors including the theme, budget and size of the event. When planning a baby shower, the first steps often include choosing a date and a location. Baby showers are typically held towards the end of the pregnancy, although some parents prefer to wait until after the child is born. Once a date and location are chosen, invitations will need to be sent.

If a specific theme is going to be used, decorations related to that theme can be included. Some decorations can be made from items that the parents will need for the baby. For example, centerpieces made from folded baby washcloths or diapers formed into the shape of a layer cake are both decorative and functional. If baby-themed games will be a part of the event, the games should be planned carefully, taking the number of guests into consideration when gathering supplies.

Most baby showers will include food and drinks, whether it's appetizers, cake or a full meal. While baby showers are traditionally planned in honor of an expectant mother, events involving both parents are becoming increasingly popular. Barbecues and pot luck dinners are suitable and cost-effective for larger groups, especially if children will be invited to attend.

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