What Are Some Names for Prom Themes?

There are many names for prom themes, including a Casino night theme which involves setting up tables for poker and other card games meant to emulate Las Vegas. Themes based on movies, celebrities and holidays are also popular. Other prom names might include the Yule Ball, Masquerade, and Mardis Gras.

A Yule Ball prom emulates the magic of the Yule Ball celebration in Harry Potter, and it is therefore ideal for any school that has its prom during the winter. Decorations should include fake snow, ice sculptures, and twinkling lights fixed to the ceiling to emulate the look of the Great Hall. A great touch for this prom theme is to have chaperons dress in wizard robes and to fill the room with many decorated Christmas trees to simulate the forbidden forest.

One classic prom theme is the Masquerade, which seeks to emulate an elaborate party set in 18th-century France. Decorations should make the prom area look like a castle, complete with chandeliers. The most important touch for this theme is ensuring that everyone wears a mask, preferably highly elaborate, to the dance.

A more carefree prom theme is Mardis Gras, which involves decorating the area like the French Quarter of New Orleans during its Mardis Gras festivities. Decorations should include confetti and balloons as well as tables with boas and masks where prom-goers can have their picture taken. The final touch is to have inexpensive beads that people can throw from the prom's main stage.