How Much Do You Pay a Minister for a Wedding?

The amount paid to a minister for officiating a wedding ranges between $400 to $800. Amounts paid to a rabbi or priest may go as high as $1,000 and may be in the form of a donation to the church.

A wedding officiant, such as a minister, performs the wedding ceremony and serves as an official witness to the contract of marriage between a couple. Many couples choose a minister from their local church to serve as the officiant in a religious ceremony. Ministers can choose whether or not to perform a ceremony for any couple that asks, and will also have to sign legal documentation establishing the marriage between the couple.

It is traditional to pay a small monetary fee for the services of the wedding officiant. Clergy members and professional officiants usually request between $400 to $800. Higher clergy, such as rabbis and priests, may ask for as much as $1,000. However, the money may be given as a fee to the officiant, or the officiant may request that it is sent to the church as a donation. The fee for a minister can vary widely, but the average, as stated by, is about $600. It is also possible that a couple can find an amateur officiant who only asks for about $100 to $150.