How Much Money Should You Give at a Wedding?


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An appropriate amount of money to give as a wedding gift is usually between $75 and $150 per person. The relationship a person has with a bride and groom is the major factor in deciding a suitable amount to give.

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The relationship status with the couple can help determine the amount of money appropriate to give as a wedding gift. Co-workers or long-distant relatives on average provide around $75 to $100. Friends or relatives usually hand over about $100 to $125, and close friends or relatives may give a more fitting amount of $100 to $150 to the newlywed couple. It is customary to give a bit more when bringing a guest because of the cost of the wedding, but if a guest is tight on money and unable to give an amount within typical guidelines, the bride and groom should understand. After all, people are not invited to a wedding only to give a gift; they are invited because they are special to the bride and groom.

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