How Much Do Burial Plots Cost?


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As of 2015, single burial plots cost between $1,500 and $2,500, according to everplans.com. Several factors, such as location, plot type, number of plots purchased and plot size affect burial plot prices. Burial plots are only one burial requirement, and final prices for cemetery burials are typically several times the cost of the plot itself.

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How Much Do Burial Plots Cost?
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A single plot is the most basic type of funeral plot. These plots only have enough space for a single casket burial, but some cemeteries allow interring multiple funerary urns in single plots. Single plots are the least expensive type of burial plot, and many cemeteries offer lower rates for customers purchasing multiple single plots at one time.

Companion and family plots are two other types of common funeral plots. Companion plots are two single plots sold as one unit, usually for couples. Side-by-side companion plots are most common, but double-depth companion plots, which place one funerary container on top of the other, are more affordable. Family plots are entire areas of a cemetery reserved for members of a single family. Family plots are available in different sizes, and they often feature single large headstones or other grave monuments engraved with family names.

Some cemeteries have urn gardens, special areas reserved for burying cremated remains. Because spaces in urn gardens are much smaller than traditional burial plots, they are often a far more affordable option.

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