How Is Moses Important to Passover?


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Moses is arguably the most important human figure in Judaism, and, as a prophet, Moses helped lead the enslaved Jewish people in Egypt to their liberation; the story of this escape to freedom is told in the Old Testament book of Exodus and is the main focus of the Passover celebration. Second only to God in importance during the Passover celebration, Moses is seen as a liberator and leader who was able to help carry out God's will on Earth and free the enslaved Hebrew people in Egypt, in spite of the fact that the pharaoh did not want to let these slaves go. Moses' story is complex, and though he is ethnically Jewish, he was adopted as an orphan by the pharaoh's household.

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How Is Moses Important to Passover?
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Part of the Passover story includes the narrative of Moses' childhood, which took place largely as a member of the Egyptian royal family. He is portrayed as having a natural sympathy for Jewish slaves, though, and he ends up running away from Egypt as a young man after killing a slavedriver. God first communicates with Moses through a burning bush, and he commands Moses to return to Egypt in order to help free the Jewish slaves from their captivity.

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