What Are Some Money-Saving Tips for Birthday Parties?

What Are Some Money-Saving Tips for Birthday Parties?

Doing away with disposables, emailing rather than mailing invitations and using homemade decorations are some ways to save money on birthday parties. Party hosts can also save money by limiting the food, party favors and entertainment.

For most birthday parties, it's acceptable to use regular dinnerware and flatware instead of disposable options. While this increases the cleaning time, not purchasing disposable options saves money.

Another way to save money is to email rather than mail the invitations. Not only are email invitations free, but they also don't require postage. As a bonus, online invitations make managing the RSVP list easier.

Making rather than purchasing the decorations is another money-saving method. Sites such as Pinterest as well as blogs feature numerous ideas for homemade decorations. It's also useful to get the children to help. Alternatively, discount stores often offer better prices than party stores.

For entertainment, making the food the centerpiece is another option. For instance, attendees can decorate their own cakes, construct their own mini pizzas or make their own tacos. Other crafts, such as decorating T-shirts or making beaded jewelry, are also inexpensive activities.

For food, pizza parties tend to be the cheapest, but big box stores such as Costco often have budget options. Likewise, discount stores are a good resource for party favors.