What Is Mexican Christmas Food?

mexican-christmas-food Credit: Sollina Images/Blend Images/Getty Images

Mexican Christmas food is traditional Mexican cuisine that is served during the holidays, such as ensalada de noche buena, bacalao, romeritos, buñuelos, rosca de reyes and ponche navideño. Ensalada de noche buena is a salad that combines the bright greens and reds associated with the holiday season. This salad has greens, pomegranate seeds and other fruits and vegetables.

Another favorite Christmas food is bacalao, which is a salted and dried codfish. Although this dish originated in Europe, it is now a staple in Mexico. It can be prepared many ways, such as being stewed with potatoes, tomatoes and olives. Romeritos is a leafy vegetable that is served during both Christmas and Lent. It is often eaten with mole and shrimp cakes. Buñuelos is fried bread sprinkled with sugar and syrup. It is a popular companion treat to hot chocolate or cider during the Christmas season. Rosca de reyes is a dessert served at the end of the Christmas season, on King's Day. It is a sweet bread topped with jellied fruit. Ponche navideño is a popular Christmas drink made from stewing tejocotes, apples and guavas together with cinnamon and sweetening it with unrefined sugar or piloncillo. Some Mexicans add a dash of alcohol to this drink.