What Are Some Messages to Write on a Bridal Shower Cake?

Some examples of messages to write on a bridal shower cake include "A Shower of Good Wishes," "Isn't Love Delicious?" or simply "Here Comes the Bride!" Bridal shower cake messages can either model the theme of the shower or, if known, the theme of the wedding.

Bridal showers are commonly thrown by the bride's maid or matron of honor. If there is a theme to the shower, normally the cake reflects that theme. A fairy-tale theme, for example, might have a cake in the shape of Cinderella's carriage. If the bride loves shoes, then the cake might be a shoebox with a pair of wedding shoes. To tie everything in together, the sentiment on the cake should reflect the theme of the party. For a fairy tale theme, the bridal shower cake could have "We Joyfully Anticipate Your Beautiful Ever After" or "Dreams Do Come True." A good sentiment for a shoe theme is "Head Over Heels in Love."

Sometimes the shower host chooses to match the shower theme to the wedding theme. For a beach wedding, the shower might have a Hawaiian or tropical theme. The cake sentiment for a party such as that, for example, could be "Sunny Wishes for the Future Mr. and Mrs." or "Just Like the Sand and Sea, You Two Were Meant to Be."