What Messages Should I Write in Thank You Cards?


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Thank you notes should include a clear and personal expression of gratitude, specific details regarding the gift and a statement looking to the future. While many people find thank you notes awkward to write, thank you notes can actually be simple and meaningful if they are honest and heartfelt.

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What Messages Should I Write in Thank You Cards?
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While it is possible to send a thank you message via email, Facebook, Instagram, text or any other electronic means, a handwritten thank you note often adds a special touch to an expression of gratitude and can be saved by the recipient for years. Thank you notes should always begin with a direct expression of thanks, usually starting with the words "thank you for..." and a description of the item or service received.

Following this, the writer should include details regarding how she used the item or what it meant to receive it. If the gift was cash, the writer should mention how she plans to spend the money. It is always nice to add a mention of the next time the writer and recipient will see each other. The entire note should be brief, only a few sentences, but should be heartfelt and emotionally honest. While etiquette requires thank you notes for large gifts, they are also appropriate for smaller occasions.

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