What Are Some Messages to Put in Your Daughter's Birthday Card?


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Message ideas for a daughter's birthday card include a sentimental statement of how you feel about her, a funny joke, a memory from the past year or reasons you are proud of her. The specific message depends on the birthday girl's age and the relationship between parent and child.

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What Are Some Messages to Put in Your Daughter's Birthday Card?
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The key to writing a birthday message in a daughter's birthday card is sincerity, whether the message is serious or humorous. The card likely already has a general birthday wish. The handwritten message gives the parent a chance to personalize the message to reflect the recipient.

A young child won't likely spend much time reading the card. Write a short message such as, "Happy birthday, Lucy! You are the sweetest 3-year-old around. You make our family so joyful and exciting!"

For a teenage daughter, considering her reaction helps decide what type of message to write. Some teenagers may be embarrassed or roll their eyes at sentimental messages. Others appreciate hearing how much they mean to their parents.

An encouraging message is another route for a daughter of any age. The message might point out a strength such as "Happy birthday to the girl who has the biggest heart. I am so proud of the way you've grown this year and learned to help those who need it most. I can't wait to see what you do with your caring heart in the next year."

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