How Do You Have a Merry Christmas on a Budget?

Have a merry Christmas on a budget by giving homemade gifts, limiting store-bought gifts to one or two items per child and finding ways to serve others. You can help children to focus on the true meaning of Christmas instead of just the material goods.

One way to have a good Christmas within a budget is to give homemade gifts to others. Use any special skills you have to create gifts such as crocheted ornaments or homemade pickles or jams. Children can draw or paint pictures to give as gifts.

Limit store-bought gifts to one or two items per child. Budget a certain amount of money for each child, and buy gifts that fit within that budget. Stop there, and avoid temptations to spend more. Instead of giving material items for gifts, give time gifts such as coupons for back rubs, help with homework or babysitting.

If there are few wrapped items under the tree, add to these gifts by wrapping up essentials for children. For instance, if the child needs new underwear, school supplies, socks or a coat, wrap these up and put them under the tree. The child gets to open more gifts, and it prolongs the Christmas fun.