How Do You Make a "Whale You Be My Valentine" Craft?

How Do You Make a "Whale You Be My Valentine" Craft?

There are various ways of making a Valentine craft with the words, "Whale you be my Valentine?" A play on words or using puns is popular for making Valentine crafts. Among your craft options would be making a card shaped like a whale with the words printed or written inside.

  1. Gather your supplies

    You will need construction paper in blue or gray, scissors, one googly eye, black marker, pencil and glue.

  2. Make a whale-shaped card

    Draw a heart on your blue construction paper, and carefully cut it out. Fold the heart along the center line where the curves of the heart meet. Position the folded heart horizontally. You now have the body of the whale. Draw a smaller heart on another piece of blue construction paper, and cut it out. Paste the smaller heart behind the whale's body. The smaller heart functions as the whale's tail. Attach the googly eye, and draw a smile or mouth with your marker.

  3. Write the words

    Flip open your paper whale, and write the words "Will you be my Valentine?" Alternatively, you could type it out in a fun font like comic sans, print it out and glue it to the inside of your card.