How Do You Make Welcome Home Signs?


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Make a welcome home sign by painting or drawing a message on poster board. This takes only a few minutes depending on how big and detailed you want the poster to be. You need poster board, construction paper, stencils, a marker, a pencil, and glue, string or staples.

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How Do You Make Welcome Home Signs?
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  1. Decide what kind of poster you want

    You can have a basic poster with a message on a large piece of paper or you can tie large cut-out letters together to make a banner.

  2. Decide on a message for the poster

    You can use the basic "Welcome Home!" or "We Missed You" message. You can also make the poster more personal and insert a name or more individualized message.

  3. Cut out letters

    Once you know what kind of poster you want to make and what kind of message you want it to say, cut out the letters from colored construction paper. If you are making a banner with letters strung together, you need large letters.

  4. Paste the letters onto the poster board

    Glue the letters onto the poster board or string the letters of the banner together using string or staples. If you use staples, staple each side of a letter to the side of the letter next to it until the whole word is connected.

  5. Decorate the poster

    Use markers to decorate the poster or the inside of the letters.

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