How Do You Make Wedding Tablecloths?


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Wedding tablecloths are constructed by choosing fabric, cutting it to meet the measurements of the tables, and sewing the end seams for a ripple or flowing effect. Begin by measuring the tables, round or rectangular, to ensure you have enough fabric. Most round tables are 48 inches, so a 108-inch piece of fabric will cover the area.

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How Do You Make Wedding Tablecloths?
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Choose a color or pattern of fabric that matches your wedding colors to complement the occasion and decor of the reception hall. Mark the fabric to the measurements of the table with a fabric pen, allowing room for the cloth to hang slightly over the table, or longer if desired, and cut along the markings. Once cut, mark the ends of the fabric 1/2 inch to create a hem. Fold the fabric to the 1/2 inch mark on the underside to begin hemming.

Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, secure the hem on the outer edges of the material. It is also possible to use fabric glue to secure the hem. An additional color or pattern of fabric can also be used to fold over the cloth as a hem. Before placing the tablecloth on the table, iron the edges to create a crisp and professional look.

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